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Become a Certified Web Developer 2018 Edition

Have you tried to start on the path to professional developer, but, found you didn’t know quite where to start?  Have you been afraid of wasting time learning the wrong thing, or, perhaps, not learning the skills required by today’s job market? We designed this update of the Certified Web Development Professional Program after talking to dozens who employed entry level web developers.  We asked these employers one question:

What skills do you expect from new Web Developers?  We designed this program around their answers.

As a Certified Web Development Professional you’ll be qualified to design, maintain and update front end content on web sites and mobile sites.

The initial portion of our road map will take you through the foundations of creating web sites and other digital content. During this portion you’ll earn four separate professional certifications: HTML5 Specialist, CSS3 Specialist, Javascript Specialist, and, once you’ve earned the first three, Certified Web Development Professional.

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