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Become a Citizen Data Scientist : Marketing perspective

This course is designed for business professionals:  marketer, manager and analytical minds in every department … who want to take their skills to the next level.

If you have solid business knowledge, curious, determined to improve things in your company or just willing to learn new methods and tools than this course is for you….

The course may not be for you if you are looking for an in-depth discussion of the deeper mathematical and statistical theories behind the data science algorithms.

You will learn the main concepts of data science such as Data mining Process, Machine learning, and classification model

You will be introduced to a Marketing framework analysis based on 4 elements: EXPLORE, SEGMENT, TARGET AND RECOMMEND.

You will learn the basics of three tools: SQL, Power BI, and Microsoft Azure ML.

You will be able to test and practice all these skills through 5 Quizzes and 5 hands-on Labs: Data Preparation using SQL, Customer Dashboard using POWER BI, managerial segmentation with SQL, targeting and recommendation models using Microsoft Azure ML Studio.

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