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Skillshare Mastery: The Complete Course on Skillshare

In this course, we will cover class planning, creation, promotion & sales. Nothing will be left out, no details untouched. If you finally want to get started teaching online, take this chance right now and enroll in this Skillshare masterclass.

In the beginning of this course, we will talk about outlining and creating Skillshare classes. I will reveal my hacks that help me to release up to 5 classes per day earning my thousands of dollars every single month.

Just by the way don’t get me wrong – it’s not just about making money, it’s about educating. If you have no passion for teaching, it’s almost impossible to succeed on Skillshare. Nevertheless, if you like teaching and want to build a following, the sky is the limit!

You will learn how to earn more with Skillshare by getting students to watch more minutes in your class and you will learn my best practices for camera recording and editing classes, equipment, lighting, and publication.

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