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Free Udemy Courses List:-

Udemy is the leading global marketplace for both online learning and teaching with over 100,000+ Courses and 24 million students. Indubitably, Udemy has become the go-to place on the internet for online learning. Moreover, it allows students to interact with trainers in case of any doubt and trainers can contact users via online discussion boards. Learn Reiki, Guitar, Drawing, Mindfulness, Python, Life Coaching, Management, photography, Mathematics, Meditation leadership, Piano, Graphic Design, R Programming, AWS, Marketing and more. This online learning marketplace supports a total of 50 different languages.

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Development Free Courses:-

  • Web Development Free Courses:-Each aspect of creating websites and applications entails a unique set of skills. Udemy online learning platform offers a host of courses to bring you up to speed on modern front-end, back-end, and full-stack web development practices and skills.
  • Data Science Free Courses:-This course provides the entire toolbox you need to become a data scientist.
  • Mobile Apps Free Courses:-The course provides app development for beginners to end.
  • Programming Free Courses:-It offers python, java, C++, spring framework, data analysis, algorithms and more courses.
  • Game Development Free Courses:-Here you’ll learn mobile game development, 3D and 2D game development, 3D Animation, game development fundamentals, Virtual reality, and augmented reality.
  • Free Databases Courses:-Here you’ll learn database management, SQL, Oracle SQL, oracle database, database programming, business intelligence, server administration and Apache Kafka.
  • Software Testing Free Courses:-Here you’ll learn API testing, software testing, automation testing, performance testing, google cloud professional data engineer.
  • Software Engineering Free Courses:-It offers AWS certification, PSM, interviewing skills, amazon AWS, big data, Spring Boot and PySpark courses.
  • Development Tools Free Courses:-Here you’ll learn to build, test, and deploy Docker applications with Kubernetes while learning production-style development workflows.
  • E-Commerce Free Courses:-Here you’ll learn to build an e-commerce website, online business, WordPress for e-commerce.

Business Udemy Free Courses:-

  • Finance Free Courses:-Here you’ll learn investing and trading strategies, financial and technical analysis, accounting and bookkeeping, financial modelling with excel, bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
  • Entrepreneurship Free Courses:-This course offers everything that requires to make a business plan and business strategy for a startup.
  • Communications Free Courses:-This course helps in upgrading your communication skills to deal with different business needs which include presentation, public speaking, storytelling, technical writing, and fiction writing.
  • Management Free Courses:-Here you can master your managerial skills by learning product management, quality management, risk management, business process management and leadership courses.
  • Sales Free Courses:-Here you’ll learn sales techniques, cold calling, B2B sales, lead generation and business development that helps in a sales pitch.
  • Strategy Free Courses:-Here you’ll learn to manage digital transformation through digital marketing, strategic planning, innovation and business model.
  • Operations Free Courses:-Here you can upgrade your operation skills by learning supply chain management, quality management, robotic process automation, and six sigma courses.
  • Project Management Free Courses:-This course provides the main concepts of project management, PMP, risk management, CAPM, and project schedule to become a project manager.
  • Business Law Free Courses:-Here you can learn about various aspects of business law, trademark law, contract law, contract negotiation, criminal law, LLC, US copyrights and smart contracts.
  • Data & Analytics Free Courses:-Here you can learn Tableau, data visualization and data modelling courses.
  • Home Business Free Courses:-Here you can learn all the basics of online entrepreneurship while building a real business with your portfolio of websites.
  • Human Resources Free Courses:-Here you can learn HR software, talent management, interviewing skills, conflict management, emotional intelligence, HR analytics and recruitment courses.
  • Industry Free Courses:-This course includes topics related to electrical engineering, solar energy, and oil and gas industry.
  • Media Free Courses:-This course offers a complete guide of podcasting, SEO, audiobook creation, screenwriting, Motion graphics, e-book creation, and blogging.
  • Real Estate Free Courses:-Here you can learn about real estate investment and mortgage.

IT & Software Free Courses:-

Office Productivity Free Courses:-

Personal Development Free Courses:-

Design Free Courses:-

Marketing Free Courses:-

Lifestyle Free Courses:-

Photography Free Courses:-

Health & Fitness Free Courses:-

Teacher Training Free Courses:-

Music Free Courses:-

Academics Free Courses:-

Language Free Courses:-

Test Prep Free Courses:-

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